1. Ketrells (WILD)
- Ferrets' masks on the faces
- Can be any tint or shade of black, white, brown, and orange
- Wings
- Huge claws on middle fingers on hind paws
- Long fur
- Canines can be controlled by Ketrells using special muscles in their jaws; therefore, a male Ketrell can have his canines out up to 40 cm long!
- Cat-like bodies
- Standing on all four a male can be up to five meters tall; a female can grow up to seven.
- Front paws are like humans' hands
- Intelligence level: 10/10
2. Imperial Hissers (WILD)

- Slim bodies
- Long faces
- Big, rounded ears
- Three toes on each paw
- Big yellow or green eyes
- Two tails
- Fur color can be brown, black, or white with or without spots and/or stripes
- Intelligence level: 8/10
3. Lappalas
- Size of a normal German Shepherd
- Four ears
- Any color of fur possible, usually very bright.
- Big black eyes
- Small paws
- Long whip-like tails
- Often kept as pets
- Can improvise sounds
- Intelligence level: 8/10
4. Yashuras (WILD)
- Lizard-like species
- Depending on the planet they live on, they can be gray, white, sandy-yellow, green and brown
- Huge eyes, same color as the skin
- Long claws
- Scaly skin
- Sand and water Yashuras' nostrils are able to close so that they don't breathe in water or that the sand doesn't get in
- Intelligence level: 6/10
5. Kreedas (WILD)
- Large birds with wingspan up to fifteen feet
- Usually gray or brown
- Have claws on their wings
- Feed mostly on Yashuras
- Yellow or red eyes
- Amazing eyesight
- May try to attack people
- Intelligence level: 8/10
6. Ruffelers
- Size of a small pony
- Any fur color
- Long ears
- A bit triangular eyes
- Big heads
- Males have only one toe, females - two
- Only to be kept as pets; won't survive by themselves in the wild
- Friendly
- Intelligence level: 9/10
7. Black Jumbars
- Long faces
- Can be only black
- Sharp claws
- Canines grow up to five centimeters long
- Green or light-blue eyes
- Gigantic ears
- Very fluffy
- Very BITEY
- Not allowed to be kept as pets unless are well trained and the owner has a special permission
- Intelligence level: 9/10