Okay, maybe not really rules, maybe more of that "helping" kind of thing.
Anyway, call it whatever you want. This is made to help you.

1. Your character's name:

Pretty simple - your character's name. But don't forget to list ALL the nicknames or names your character goes by!
2. Age:

I'd strongly advice that you read about different races' ages and lifespans. So you won't put a 50-year old Ruuian as "old". Just sayin'.
3. Race:

No. Not competitions your character has been in. Their race - who are they; Ruuian, Kroathi, human, or maybe a Lusrizi? But don't forget - you are NOT allowed to make up your own without the books' author's special written agreement plus permission! Yes, you will get credit if your alien gets in the book. But they probably won't. Jaye Night is evil.
4. Abilities:

What can they do - fly a Starfighter, play a musical instrument, tame wild creatures such as Yatas? Be descriptive, please.
5. Biography:

From their birth to the present time. Must be at least 2000 symbols. If you can't choke out so much, then we will take +- 1500. Doesn't have to be exact number, but, please - have common sense.
6. Looks:

How do they look like? What's their eye color? Hair color? Are they tall, short, skinny, fat? I don't recommend being the last one, though...
7. Personality:

Is your character wild and funny? Quiet? Or maybe their tongue is longer than Lappalas' tails? Be descriptive, we need to know everything about your character, or at least as much as possible - try to pull it up to at least 800 symbols. More - better.
8. Choose one and put an "x" near it:
- Snakes
- Blackjays
- Neutral
No comment. Figure it out, will ya?

9. How can we contact you? AND Have you read the rules?
Your contacts and have you read the rules. Please note, that we can't take you into the game if you don't know the rules.

10. Have you read the book(s)/Would you like to read one?
Just ignoree it until the first book comes out, which hopefully will be soon enough. If you haven't read one, then... then you can enter the special competition when we host one and maybe even get the book for free! Just wait 'till it comes out. It's gonna be good.