1. What in the Sam Hill is going on? I mean, what is all this forum about?
The entire thing is based off of Jaye Night's  books called "In the Snake's Claws". The first one is coming out sometime in 2016. Nobody knows any of the plot yet, but we have an idea of what it's going to be about.
2. When are the books coming out?
The first book is coming out approximately in spring or summer of 2016, but we don't know the exact date.
3. Can I create my own race?
Nope. Unless you can talk Jaye Night into putting it in the book, and, believe me, it's more likely that elephants grow wings and fly than you being able to convince Night to put a creation of your mind in the books. But you can try.
4. I want to play as a big green alien with megabrains!
And I want to defeat Snakes with a snap of my fingers. There are other nice RPGs to play as green megabrained aliens, but here you've got to follow the rules. Sorries.
5. Why does Jaye Night have a wolf on her avatar, and we have to have our character on ours, but we're not allowed to play as wolves?
Because Jaye Night is an author as well as the GameMaster, and she doesn't have a specific character. But if you try to pull something like that, we will change your avatar/remove it and give you a warning.
6. Why can't I have any nickname I want?
Because otherwise we won't know what character you are playing for.